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See how far your electric vehicle range will take you, and what you can do to maximise your range.
The factors that affect your electric vehicles range.
Your driving style.
The two factors that affect your range the most are your speed and your acceleration. To become an electric pro, follow this advice and get some serious range. 
  • Avoid harsh braking
  • Turn off Sport Mode when you don’t need it
  • Drive at a moderate speed and avoid sudden acceleration
  • When motorway driving, follow a vehicle that drives consistently, like a lorry, at a safe distance
  • When planning your route, try to avoid large, steep hills
What you are carrying.
The more weight on board, the more charge you’ll use.
  • Remove accessories you don’t use
  • Make sure there’s no unneeded stuff on the back seats or in the boot
  • If you’re not using your roof rack, take it off. It’s a real drag on the weight.
Your tyre pressure.

Make sure your tyres are the right pressure and you will go far. Flatter tyres burn up energy and shorten the distance you can cover with a full charge.

  • Check your tyre pressure at least once a month and before long journeys. You’ll find the recommended pressure in your vehicle’s handbook.
  • If they’re low, head to your nearest service station and top-up to the recommended levels
Your preferred Temperature
The range of your car can vary by up to 35% between seasons due to heating. This is because the energy is directly taken from the battery. Pre-conditioning your electric vehicle while charging is a great way to preserve your range and travel in comfort.
Your speed.

Linked to your Driving Style, if you're consistently accelerating heavily and travelling at speed, your vehicle has to work harder and use more battery resources.

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